Organizational Background

Legally  established in Rwanda in 2008 as Non-profits Organization, Association pour la Defence des Droits des Consommateurs au Rwanda (ADECOR) or Rwanda Consumers’Rights Protection Organization is also registered by Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) under the new Law no 04/2012 of 17/02/2012 governing the organization and the functioning National Non-Governmental Organizations. 

The establishment of ADECOR was based on four fundamental rights of consumers:

(1) Right to a decent life (safe and quality goods and services);

(2) Right to free choice (accessibility to multiple and affordable choices of goods and services),

(3) Right to information (about prices and descriptions and effects of products and services), and finally

(4) Right to be heard (being able to express his/her satisfaction or grievances and get appropriate remedies).

ADECOR has now more than 350 members across the country volunteering when there is necessity. ADECOR is represented in all provinces.  Working closely with other civil Society Organizations, Private sector Actors and Government Institutions,ADECOR is increasing building a Consumer Voice in Rwanda.


 As an affiliate member of Consumer International (CI), ADECOR enjoys good working relations relationships with regional and global consumer organizations.

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