Partnership between ADECOR and RSB

In a bid to implement Competition Policy and Consumer Protection Law aimed at facilitating and encouraging business entities to be part on the liberalization of market and defending consumer’s interest as well consumer welfare and ensuring consumer satisfaction.


Whereas the Rwanda Standard Board (RSB)  is implementing standards, Metrology,Testing and Certification aimed at Providing Standards based solution for Consumer Protection and Trade Promotion for socio- economic growth in a safe and stable environment.



A Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) is signed between ADECOR and RSB to partner in the following areas:


·      Collaboration in the development of programs aimed at facilitating and improving the Standards and quality of products;

·      Collaboration in the Implementation of Rwanda Standards Board programs to ensure there is positive impact to the targeted operators in the private  sector ;

·      Collaboration in specific areas of interest to Consumer;

·      Collaboration in National and International  study tours as well the exhibitions

·      Joint exchange of information and documentation written or electronically regarding the programs under implementation to help each party understand what the Private operators are  realizing in terms of impact and resources allocation ;

·      To set collaborative mechanism aimed at instituting high level monitoring and regular inspection mechanisms for the work of stakeholders and related persons working or providing services to the Standards sector as a measure leading to improved services delivery system ;

·      To undertake any other related activity in the interest of both parties with regard to this MoU without contradicting the laws and regulations governing the establishment and functioning of either party.

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