In 2012 TMEA supported the design of ADECOR’s strategic plan 2012-2017 and trained ADECOR management team in policy analysis & advocacy, management systems & organizational governance. As a result, ADECOR’s governance & management systems, credibility with government institutions, private sector, CSOs, EAC secretariat and other regional and global consumer organizations has significantly improved. ADECOR heavily engaged with Rwanda Parliament and MINICOM to draft the Competition and Consumer Protection enacted in October 2012. The implementation and establishment of reinforcing Authority of the Law are yet to come. In this regards, the EAC Secretariat trained two staff of ADECOR in the M&E of the implementation of the EAC and national Competition Laws.


 ADECOR believes without full implementation of the EAC &Rwanda competition Laws, trade environment and the implementation of the Common Market Protocol and subsequent protocols will not take effect, consequently preventing Rwandans from accessing EAC markets. The real challenge for drivers of the EAC integration is not the signing of treaties, protocols and policies but ensuring ordinary consumers in the street of Kigali and remote villages of Rwanda benefit from the regional markets. TMEA has funded many initiatives to address this challenge by targeting Government institutions, private sector and CSOs. However, there is urgent need to specifically strengthen consumers’ engagement in the M&E of the implementation of the EAC & Rwanda Competition Laws as a strategy to enhance trade environment. ADECOR’s informal interviews conducted in Kayonza, Rwamagana, Muhanga, Huye, Rusizinzi and Musanze districts during price and quality inspections (2012-2013), found out that more than 89% of interviewed traders did not know about the existence of Rwanda Competition Law while 96% did not know about EAC Competition Law. It would be quasi-impossible for Rwandan smallholder consumers  to take stock of the EAC benefits and influence trade environment if they lacked synergy and ignored what the EAC and Rwanda competition Laws entail.

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