Services (Banks, Hotels, Restaurants...) and Customer Care in Business

After noticing that consumers face a series of problems in different areas, this association has opted to fix those areas to be their concern in order to set and define mechanism of protection and advocacy for the sole benefits of consumers who are in turn the engines of our country’s economic growth.

Problems encountered by consumers in all these thematic areas are not the same. It is in this framework that ADECOR has undertaken a conduction of research to see the most striking problems affecting the interests of consumers within these sectors.

To make sure the provided information is shared by all the consumers, this research was carried out in all provinces of the country including even the remote districts of Rwanda in countrysides.

By means of questionnaires to literate people and to illiterate ones with the help of ADECOR research agents, we have succeeded to collect data from different people in age, regions, views and understanding. We are convinced that the data provided reflects the real situation on the field.

In the following lines, we are going to be highlighting challenges faced by consumers in this area. Note that the contents of these research data include both ideas of respondents and observation of researchers during different inspections.

-Critical service of EWSA

-the provided water is sometimes not very clean; this can bring about diseases or contamination of water borne diseases. Verification of water treatment and distribution is very crucial.

-Guarantee is too high for consumers to acquire loans.

-Derisory salary of servants

-Poor Customer Care

-Language barrier of servants

-To  initiate  several  actions for attracts the attention of the power publics on the intercourse between the service providers  and their customers, notably on the conventions of banking accounts;

-Investigations on the access to the renewable credits, the working of the commissions of multi credits ,

-Modules of training on the multi credits and prevention.

Bad check, Ready to zero , Credit have the conception ,Insurance contract

Improvements of the legibility of the contracts and tariffs, taken in account of people deprived of means of payment.



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