The overall goal or Impact of the project is the improved food security and nutrition of Rwandan poor households through effective policies implementation. SNV identified fiveCSOs namely Rwanda Consumers'Rights Protection Organisation(ADECOR),  DUHAMIC ADRI, CARITAS Rwanda, Rwanda Development Organization (RDO) and IMBARAGA which have a national coverage, strong networks and experience in Food and Nutrition Security to initiate and be the drive of the change. In order to achieve the desired goal sustainably, the CSOs will be accompanied by SNV for guidance and supervision, IFPRI for capacity building, research and policy analysis and SUN Alliance for Networking and outreach of stakeholders.The project recognize the complexity issue of eradicating Food and nutrition insecurity, and selected two key factors of focus to achieve the desired impact.

·         Increased availability, accessibility and affordability of nutrition food properly distributed across the country (R)

·         Positive households attitudes and behaviourstowards proper food consumption (O).

The increased availability, accessibility and affordability of nutritious food will be achieved through two ways, one is to optimize and increase the farm production of more diversified food (Q) resulted from implementation of effective farming systems at farm level (P) and onother is the increased production of more fortified food resulted from increased private sector investment in food fortification (N).

Optimization of farm production for more variety of nutritious food will be achieved through effective farming skills application resulted from effective service delivery on agriculture delivered by MINAGRI (I)  such as effective extension services, adoption of positive attitudes towards implementing effective farming systems by farmers (O) as well as good policy enabling environment on effective farming systems(K). Furthermore, it is assumed that the improved extension services will also train the extensionists to deliver effective behavior change strategies to the households towards improved food consumption. The increased private investment for food fortification will result from the implementation of fortification regulations (M) developed jointly with MINICOFIN together with other stakeholders.In order to have effective farming systems policy implementedon appropriate coordination mechanisms, regulations on fortified product, the government through MINAGRI, MINISANTE and MINECOFIN will have to develop and adopt the revised farming systems regulations (K) fortification policy and regulations (L) and improve on their accountability (G) in Nutrition and Agricultural service delivery (I) for supporting the implementation of these policies (I). The development or adjustment of these policies  will be advocated by CSOs through their Increased influence on effective farming systems and regulation on fortification (E) resulted from Improved collaboration between CSO, Government, Donors, development organization& private sector (F). This influence of the CSOs on the government will increase the political commitment to adjust practices and policies on effective farming systems, and regulations on fortified products (H) and develop these Inclusive policies and strategies. The collaboration CSOs with Food security stakeholders including the government will be a result of Increased CSO involvement and participation in FNS meetings, platforms with government, donors, researchers, development organization, private sector and media (E).  We believe that active involvement and participation of CSOs in meetings with other stakeholders  will be made effective if only made the CSOs dispose of appropriate skills in effective, planning, communication, leadership, research, knowledge and sustaible advocacy strategies development (A) whith will allow the them to collected and disseminate evidence on Budget allocation  effective farming systems, and Importance of fortification on eradication of under nutrition (B)as well as  develop sustanaible Advocacy plans&strategies for appropriate budget allocation, Effective farming systems, fortification regulations (C) for advocating these issues.

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