Minicom collaboration with ADECOR

MINICOM entered into partnership with ADECOR to carry out the inspection of traders on healthy food, inspection of supermarkets, restaurant and food processing industries in Kigali City and outside the capital on expiration of the products, packaging, storage, hygiene, standard certificates and awareness education of consumers and traders on their rights and obligations regarding the enforcement on this legal compliance.

Minicom works hand in hand with ADECOR to inspect business entities


1.      Inspect ; food business entities on expiration, packaging, storage, hygiene and standard certificates on their products and services they offer

2.      Assess the level of legal compliance on the points mentioned above

3.      Educate business owners and consumers in their premises on consumer’s rights

4.      Collect data on actual situation of standards of products in Rwandan markets and share it with the Ministry of Trade and Industry for appropriate measures and continuous support

5.      Support Ministry of trade and industry to enforce consumer protection law on standards of products

6.      Formulate key recommendations for more synergy in order to promote private and public dialogue to ensure that Rwanda continue to be champion in EAC and across the World for the Welfare of community.


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